Saturday, 9 February 2008

I use this blog to promote music that is out of print. Music being free improv and jazz in this case. If you find any of the albums posted here to be in print, please inform me and I'll remove the links immediately. Also if you're the copyright owner and you feel you're been wronged by my actions, inform me and I'll remove the links ASAP.

The main point here is just for music that is virtually unobtainable to be available for download and by so to promote the awareness of this music. I believe this creates demand for these albums and by doing so hopefully results in the albums being released again.


  1. That's the point! Keep going, a lot of people agree with you. And thanks.

  2. I've Just found Your astonishing blog! I've began lookin' for European improvised music some days ago...foun very few on the net! THANKS A MILLION for Your generosity! I've posted some italian improvised music OOP here, take a look []. Just cause I greatly appreciate Your marvellous and hard work i feel like asking You: why only mp3 instead of flac, ape or wav format? THANKS AGAIN SEE YOU LYM :-)

  3. thank you so much for sharing these rare albums. i enjoy your quite honest assessments of the albums you share. you are a hard marker! which i appreciate. thank you again and i look forward to listening to the albums on this site for myself, even if you are not crazy about all of them.