Monday, 18 January 2010

Another obscure Incus LP

Garry Todd & Roger Turner: Sunday Best (Incus 32, 1979)

I like Turners drumming a lot, so I've been looking for this (his first recording) for some time, and finally got it last week. This turned out to be a curious little record, not highly original, reminding me a lot of other British improv acts, not entirely essential either, but still a very nice and intimate feeling set, and it does warrant repeated hearings. So get it here, and enjoy.

Roger Turner -percussion, trombone
Garry Todd - tenor saxophone

Nicolette Amette - cover design
David Maclagan - cover drawing
Anthony David - engineer
James Lauritz - photography
Evan Parker - producer


  1. Your posts are almost always great thanks

  2. This has been on my unobtainables wishlist for a long long time! Many thanks.

  3. many thanks; I enjoy this early free stuff but didn't know about this one. Just played the first track and it's great.

  4. This is fantastic! I don't agree with your assessment of it not being original - the fact that Evan Parker rates Garry Todd as one of his favourite players suggests he might be more of an original than you give him credit for..... it might be considered less original today (Ellery Eskelin, Evan and Ingrid Laubrock frequently come to mind when I hear this..) but bear in mind this happened over 30 years ago.. beautiful recording sound too.. Thanks for posting all the same..!