Tuesday, 3 February 2009

John Butcher & Chris Burn: Fonetiks (Bead Records BEAD 24)

Just got this one today. To my knowledge this is the first John Butcher record. As can be imagined, it's a bit rougher case than the later ones, but maybe because just of that, quite interesting and delightful. Burn plays a lot of percussion and your typical piano playing is pretty absent.



Released in 84 on Bead Records. John Butcher - soprano & tenor saxophones, Chris Burn - piano, percussion, trumpet.

Not very common, even as MP3's, so get it while you can.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I've listened to a few of JB's more recent records -- not always a huge fan of any one in particular, but I think what he's doing at the least is extremely interesting. I'm very curious to hear this earlier stuff so I can have a sense of where he's coming from.

  2. Thanks! Any chance to post more Bead Records older releases?

  3. Any particular wishes? I have about ten BEADs, let's see if any of those is on your list.

  4. just happened across the blog - thanks for posting these rarities. don't know much of butcher's early work, though familiar with his current development of extended techniques into a whole new approach to music.

  5. I have heard very little of John Butcher and I'm not sure if I have ever heard Chris Burn.
    I downloaded this just to see.
    Really enjoyed it. Thanks very much.

  6. thanks so much for these. do you happen to have Bead 02: Richard Beswick , Simon Mayo , Philipp Wachsmann , Tony Wren - Chamberpot. if you do, can you please post it? i've looked for years and even tried ordering it but there seems to be nobody responding to emails.

    all the best

  7. I do have the Chamberpot LP. I'll post it soonish.

  8. Hi there, Gut,
    While we're at it (sort of)...
    Do you happen to have any of the following Bead lp's?
    BEAD 9: Alterations
    BEAD 14: Groups in front of people 1
    BEAD 15: Groups in front of people 2
    Looking for them all over the place but no luck yet (unobtainable or unpayable...)