Monday, 9 February 2009

John Russell / Richard Coldman: Home Cooking / Guitar Solos (INCUS 31)

This one's John Russell's first solo and second (published) recording ever. Richard Coldman is pretty unknown to me, so if anyone knows about his later steps, let me know.

The record has two separate sides, no A nor B, instead JR and RC. There's even two front covers, no back's. So an early SPLIT disc is what this is. Could it even be that this is the FIRST SPLIT LP EVER? shiiet, I don't know.

Anyway, enough with the bullshit. Take it now:


Side JR:

John Russell - guitar,
Bob Woolford - recording.
Recorded 17th December 1978,
Ruckinge, Kent.

Side RC:

Richard Coldman - 6 string and 12 string amplified
acoustic guitars, metal items, Barry Leigh's motorised bow,
vocal utterance, foam, no overdubs, nothing else.
Evan Parker - producer
Engineer - Anthony David
Recorded 11th April 1979 at Riverside Recording Studios.

enjoy, and please comment. drop a line.


  1. You Rascal! I wake up every night worrying about all the £thousands of income I'd be losing by your reckless actions if only this album was still available.

    Richard Coldman

    PS Thanks for the MP3s

  2. Incidentally, you can find out more about what Richard Coldman has been up to since INCUS 31 by visiting

  3. I've always supported the principle of recycling. You can find an example of musical recycling using elements from my portion of INCUS 31 in the video posted at

  4. Hey Richard! Nice to have you here, and hopefully INCUS 31 sees a reissue soon. Evan Parker produced it didn't he? I suppose he could reissue it on PSI, as he's done with other INCUSes he has produced. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the links! it's great to hear/see about your recent activities.


  5. Russell Richardson8 March 2009 at 23:00

    Well, I see you have already spoken with the man himself, but if I can add a couple of centsworth: I've known Richard since just after this album came out, and latterly (since 1999) we've been doing on/off collaborations in film - he's an extraordinary editor, and I can't help but think it's due to his background in music, in that he really understands time in a complex and subtle way... anyway, I second heading to Rich's website, and check his personal work as well as his dance commissions and so forth.
    Best from myself
    Russell Richardson, New York

  6. Thanks Russell for those kind words. Editing and sound designing is my current musical outlet. The music/sound design component of the video about diabetes at

    is a far cry from my contribution to INCUS 31, but for me there's a perfectly natural progression from one to the other. Comments?

    Best wishes to all,

    Richard Coldman

  7. Thanks for getting this up, really difficult to find. I hope you continue posting and I hope you have more Bead records!!

    Do you have email?

  8. you can find my email in one of the posts. I won't post it here again, just to avoid spamming.



  9. Just wanted to say thanks for this, though I know it's an old post. I'm enjoying the Bailey-esque improv and I wanted you to know that this blog is greatly appreciated. Keep this rare shit coming!