Sunday, 15 November 2009

Focus on Ganelin Trio

Here are three albums from the Lithuanian free jazz / improv - combo, Ganelin Trio. These are all Soviet releases on Melodiya, from the late 70's to the early 80's.

These are all very interesting records, but not entirely successful. They tend to overreach a bit, and could've benefited from less formal compositions and more open ended and spontaneous improvisations. Nevertheless, they are very enjoyable and worthwhile. Do check them out.

Ganelin Trio: Con Anima (Melodiya 1977)

Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, basset
Vladimir Chekasin - alto saxophone, clarinet, chalumeau
Vladimir Tarasov - percussion

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Ganelin Trio: Poi Segue ... (Melodiya 1982)

Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, basset, guitar, bugle, flute
Vladimir Chekasin - saxophones, trombone, flute, percussion, violin
Vladimir Tarasov - percussion, flute

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Ganelin Trio: Semplice (Melodiya 1984)

Vyacheslav Ganelin - keyboard, acoustic piano, basset, Casiotone, hunting horn, percussion
Vladimir Chekasin - alto saxophone, trombone, end blown flute, percussion
Vladimir Tarasov - drums, percussion

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