Saturday, 24 October 2009

Edward Vesala appreciation


Three albums from Edward Vesala

For number one, his first and only solo album from 1973, the beautiful I'm Here.

A great big thanks to a friend who ripped this one!


Edward Vesala: I'm Here (Blue Master SPEL 311)

all compositions and arragements by Edward Vesala

recorded in 1973.

Edward Vesala, drums, percussion, gong, cymbal, cylophone, marimba, vibes, chimes, sitar, clockwork, etc.

The second one is Vesala's American all star band outing, Heavy Life.


Edward Vesala: Heavy Life (Leo Records 009)

Recorded may 1980 at Right Track Studios, New York.

Bob Stewart, tuba; Reggie Workman, bass; Howard Johnson, baritone saxophone; Edward Vesala, drums; Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; J. D. Parran, tenor and soprano saxophone; Chico Freeman, tenor saxophone; James Spaulding, alro saxophone; Joe Daley, tuba.

All compositions by Edward Vesala, except b3 by Tomasz Stanko.

... and for the third and final record, we have a big band disc, Good Luck, Bad Luck, which Vesala made with UMO.


Edward Vesala & UMO: Good Luck, Bad Luck (Leo Records 015)

recorded at finnvox studios december 1983

Tomasz Stanko: trumpet; Juhani Aaltonen: alto and tenor saxophones; Edward Vesala, percussion; UMO: Heikki Haimila, Esko Heikkinen, Olli Högström, Markku Johansson, trumpet; Pentti Lahti, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flutes; Pepa Päivinen, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute; Teemu Salminen, soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute; Unto Haapa-aho, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Juhani Aalto, Petri Juutilainen, Mircea Stan, trombone; Tom Bildo, tuba; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Iro Haarla, piano, harp; Pekka Sarmanto, bass; Esko Rosnell, drums; Esko Linnavalli, conductor.

all compositions by Edward Vesala.

That's all folks, for now.


  1. Excellent. "I'm Here" is the only Vesala I did not have :)

  2. Thanks! I'm Here sounds good!

  3. Wow, Vesala is new to me. Thanks for posting!

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  5. would someone post satu? i can't find it anywhere on the web or in other blogs.
    may all good things come to you and yours

  6. I think Satu is available as a CD, so no can do. Only oop stuff here.

  7. well thassapain. every other place i looked wants $$$$$$$. goddamit!!!!!! damn cd is available for $40+ which this broke musician just can't do. btw-i got i'm here from you but am having lotsa trouble trandferring to disc. what are your secrets, o great one?? i don' mean to break any unknown laws but i need a copy. any assistance tearfully acknowledged------
    -they call me rinkedikus

  8. it seems to be still in print, and available directly from ECM records. check their catalogue, it was only 9,90 €.

  9. I just found this blog; amazing stuff. Downloaded and listened to "I'm Here," and it's extraordinary. Thanks for posting it.

  10. For Vesala fans, check out this one:

  11. thanks for " i'm there "
    very hard to find ; i've just found your blog
    i hope you'll still post a lot of lost gems like this one