Sunday, 20 September 2009

Pierre Favre Quartet

Here's another rarity.

Although I can't myself get really into Favre's playing, it's still a nice disc with some fierce playing. And finally, I managed to take a couple of photos.

Here's the info:

Pierre Favre Quartett: s/t (WERGO WER 80004)


Evan Parker - saxophone
Irene Schweizer - piano
Peter Kowald - bass
Pierre Favre - drums

dload here


  1. "Unobtainable" indeed! Haven't seen this one online, & I've been looking for several years now. Much gratitude. Haven't listened yet because I need to wait for the wife to leave, but I'm sure it will be great.

  2. nice to hear, I'm always happy to be of service.

  3. thank you indeed mr gut....
    a friend and i ,also have a blog ....
    similar deal to yours strictly oop

  4. Happy to see you back with new material

    nice to have another copy of this, you inspired me to give it another listen. appreciate the cover shots you took, thanks.

  5. Hey, thanks for this! Pierre Favre is totally new name for me but not any more. Mr. Parker is doing good job again in here!

  6. Favre is a genius. I left my copy of this at a radio station when I was DJing...never saw it again. Thanks for the share!

  7. I believe that this was the first release that featured Evan Parker.

  8. Thanks... Its not the earliest Evan Parker release though, as someone suggests above, that'd be 'Machine Gun' a year earlier

  9. Thanks for posting this - I found your blog by a fortunate 'accident'. RIP, Peter Kowald.