Sunday, 6 September 2009

Lauri Nykopp: Y

Here's some more Finnish goodies from the 1980's:

The only LP from Lauri Nykopp. A track from this came out on the More Arctic Hysteria collection, so if you liked that, get the whole album here.

Here's the info:

Lauri Nykopp: Y (Nosferatu FNL-1001, 1983)

Lauri Nykopp: alto, soprano, tenor, sopranino saxophones, didgeridoo, contrabass clarinet, saw, breath


Side A: I-III
Side B: IV-VII

Download HERE

oh BTW, my copy is pristine, but it still plays with considerable distortion and crackle. It's probably due to the pressing, but in case you have a copy that plays better, do drop a line.