Monday, 7 September 2009

Musica Sacra Nova with Wolfgang Dauner & Reinhold Finkbeiner

Well now, back again with another rarity, this time a bit different than the other posts. The record is Musica Sacra Nova II on Schwann, and it could be classified as modern music, new music or whatever; so not the usual bun I serve here, but it does have some free improv parts.

And what's most interesting here is that this is one of the more obscure recordings of Wolfgang Dauner.

Here's more info:

Wolfgang Dauner/Reinhold Finkbeiner: Musica Sacra Nova II (Schwann 602)

A. Dauner: Beobachtungen für Stimmen und Instrumente
B. Finkbeiner: Epiphanie für Sopran-, Alt- und Baritonsolo, drei Schlagzeuggruppen und Orgel

recorded circa 1969

personnel on side A:

Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Wolfgang Dauner, prepared piano, electronic instruments
Eberhard Weber, cello, bass
Fred Braceful, percussion
Vocal Ensemble Kassel, conducted by Klaus Martin Siegler

personnel on side B:

Dorothea Förster-Dürchlich, Margret Reuter-Edzard, Eric Stumm, voice
Reinhold Finkbeiner, organ
Percussion Ensemble Kassel, conducted by Klaus Martin Siegler

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  1. thanks for the cool new postings! One Dauner I have not heard about. Always interested in anything Mangelsdorff, too.

  2. Here's an image:

  3. Thnx for this, just considering buying so nice to get a listen beforehand
    Great blog btw :)