Monday 18 February 2008

Karelia: Nunnu (Blue Master 1971)

Ok, here we have the best Karelia record.

Gone is (thankfully) the Fairport Conventionish folk-rock-beat of Suomi Pop's and in it's place is a fusion of free jazz, folk, big band groove and all that.

A nice one as such, if a bit hurried and over stretching.


more info:


but bare in mind that the info there is somewhat flawed. The disc is no split between Karelia Big Band and Nunnu Group. The same personnel play on both sides. It has just been printed rather confusingly on the cover and labels.

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Tomasz Stanko - Edward Vesala Quartet: Live at Remont

here's goes another rare mofo:

Tomasz Stanko - Edward Vesala Quartet: Live at Remont (Helicon 1978)

with Tomasz Szukalski on tenor and Antti Hytti on bass.
one of their best and rarest.

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Monday 11 February 2008

Peter Brötzmann, Juhani Aaltonen, Peter Kowald & Edward Vesala - Hot Lotta

Hot Lotta (Blue Master 1973)

EDIT: This will be reissued 2.3.2011 by Rocket Records, so I'm removing the link. Get your copy here:

Not necessarily as good stuff as the line-up suggests, but still quite the furious racket.

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Saturday 9 February 2008

Alexander von Schlippenbach: Globe Unity (SABA/MPS 1967)


not available anymore, sorry.

a great free big band blowout.

more info on the fuckker:
I use this blog to promote music that is out of print. Music being free improv and jazz in this case. If you find any of the albums posted here to be in print, please inform me and I'll remove the links immediately. Also if you're the copyright owner and you feel you're been wronged by my actions, inform me and I'll remove the links ASAP.

The main point here is just for music that is virtually unobtainable to be available for download and by so to promote the awareness of this music. I believe this creates demand for these albums and by doing so hopefully results in the albums being released again.