Monday 9 February 2009

John Russell / Richard Coldman: Home Cooking / Guitar Solos (INCUS 31)

This one's John Russell's first solo and second (published) recording ever. Richard Coldman is pretty unknown to me, so if anyone knows about his later steps, let me know.

The record has two separate sides, no A nor B, instead JR and RC. There's even two front covers, no back's. So an early SPLIT disc is what this is. Could it even be that this is the FIRST SPLIT LP EVER? shiiet, I don't know.

Anyway, enough with the bullshit. Take it now:


Side JR:

John Russell - guitar,
Bob Woolford - recording.
Recorded 17th December 1978,
Ruckinge, Kent.

Side RC:

Richard Coldman - 6 string and 12 string amplified
acoustic guitars, metal items, Barry Leigh's motorised bow,
vocal utterance, foam, no overdubs, nothing else.
Evan Parker - producer
Engineer - Anthony David
Recorded 11th April 1979 at Riverside Recording Studios.

enjoy, and please comment. drop a line.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

A Tyyfus Records compilation, a sidestep from the usual

I decided to post a sampler of a newish Finnish Free Jazz / Improv record label, Tyyfus.

So shameless promotion here, but for a good cause. If you dig any of this shit, do grab a copy while you can. So far 5 LP's and 3 CD's are out and in small quantaties.

Copies can be obtained from

Or by emailing viima ---- aaaattt ---- yahoo ---- dooot ---- com.



01 - Paul Flaherty / Chris Corsano: Rhino Grey
02 - Topias Tiheäsalo - Untitled 2
03 - Frode Gjerstad & Paal Nilssen-Love - Black Fire
04 - Mats Gustafsson - The Fire!
05 - Flaherty & Corsano & Shoup - Emereald City Boogie
06 - Anders Dahl & Christian Munthe - Ground 3
07 - Christian Munthe - No 05
08 - Mohel - Down Here

Tuesday 3 February 2009

John Butcher & Chris Burn: Fonetiks (Bead Records BEAD 24)

Just got this one today. To my knowledge this is the first John Butcher record. As can be imagined, it's a bit rougher case than the later ones, but maybe because just of that, quite interesting and delightful. Burn plays a lot of percussion and your typical piano playing is pretty absent.



Released in 84 on Bead Records. John Butcher - soprano & tenor saxophones, Chris Burn - piano, percussion, trumpet.

Not very common, even as MP3's, so get it while you can.