Monday 24 May 2010

Swedish Iskra and the first Acta release

I've had this record for years, but only now realized that there really is no CD-issue of this. Insane, as this happens to be one of the very few really good free folk improv records ever. Without any more unnecessary hype, here we go:

ISKRA - JAZZ I SVERIGE '75 (Caprice CAP 2006, 1975 / 2LP)

get it here.


Second record is a trio by John Butcher, Phil Durrant and John Russell. Their first actually, on Butchers Acta label. A good bit of British improv.

This really ought to be re-released on Emanem, kinda weird it hasn't been.

John Russell, Phil Durrant, John Butcher - Conceits (Acta 1, 1987)

get it here.

enjoy these treats and please do comment.