Thursday 1 July 2010

A Jimmy Lyons mega-post

Jimmy Lyons X 6 LP's

I've been looking for Jimmy Lyons' records for a long time, to no avail, and then, boom, I found three within a week, and none from Ebay. Lucky me I suppose.

The one I had before was the glorious Other Afternoons, which in my opinion is definitely one of the best BYG's and one of Jimmy's best as well. Since it is available already at another blog, I wont post it here, but help your self to Inconstant Sol: Other Afternoons

Now for the ones I found, in cronological order, but from the newest to oldest.

Jimmy Lyons Quintet: Give It Up
(Black Saint BSR 0087, 1985)

Enrico Rava - trumpet, flugelhorn
Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
Karen Borca - bassoon
Jay Oliver - bass
Paul Murphy - drums


And here's maybe my favourite of the three, a 1985 box-reissue of the 1981 original:

Jimmy Lyons & Sunny Murray Trio: Jump Up 2LP
(Hat Hut ART 2028, 1981/85)

Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
John Lindberg - bass
Sunny Murray - drums


And finally, the much sought after big boy:

Jimmy Lyons: Push Pull 3LP
(Hat Hut Y/Z/Z, 1979)

Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
Karen Borca - bassoon
Munner Bernard Fennell - cello
Hayes Burnett - bass
Roger Blank - drums

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

Part 3 HERE

Enjoy and do leave a comment.

Monday 24 May 2010

Swedish Iskra and the first Acta release

I've had this record for years, but only now realized that there really is no CD-issue of this. Insane, as this happens to be one of the very few really good free folk improv records ever. Without any more unnecessary hype, here we go:

ISKRA - JAZZ I SVERIGE '75 (Caprice CAP 2006, 1975 / 2LP)

get it here.


Second record is a trio by John Butcher, Phil Durrant and John Russell. Their first actually, on Butchers Acta label. A good bit of British improv.

This really ought to be re-released on Emanem, kinda weird it hasn't been.

John Russell, Phil Durrant, John Butcher - Conceits (Acta 1, 1987)

get it here.

enjoy these treats and please do comment.

Saturday 13 February 2010

A top fiver and another obscure one

Here it is, I finally got this one, one of the very best improv records ever and number one record on my want list.

No need for further words, just grab this.

Derek Bailey & Han Bennink: Lijm / ICP 004 (Instant Composers Pool, 1969/71)


And here's the other disc:

Turner and Russell are some of my favorite improv-dudes, so I've been looking for this for some time, being one of their earliest recordings.

Toshinori Kondo / John Russell / Roger Turner: Artless Sky (CAW Records 001, 1980)

Kondo: trumpet
Russell: guitar
Turner: percussion

(Sorry for the absence of a cover shot. There has just been no goddamn daylight around these parts lately.)

enjoy there, and please comment.

Monday 18 January 2010

Another obscure Incus LP

Garry Todd & Roger Turner: Sunday Best (Incus 32, 1979)

I like Turners drumming a lot, so I've been looking for this (his first recording) for some time, and finally got it last week. This turned out to be a curious little record, not highly original, reminding me a lot of other British improv acts, not entirely essential either, but still a very nice and intimate feeling set, and it does warrant repeated hearings. So get it here, and enjoy.

Roger Turner -percussion, trombone
Garry Todd - tenor saxophone

Nicolette Amette - cover design
David Maclagan - cover drawing
Anthony David - engineer
James Lauritz - photography
Evan Parker - producer

Friday 8 January 2010

London Musicians Collective - MAY DAY (LMC2)

A rare case, rather unknown players, but some nice music. Released on their own short lived label, London Musicians Collective Records (LMC2). The first release on this label was Roger Smith's first solo album, Spanish Guitar, now reissued on Emanem. This is the second (or actually the first?), and last, release on the label.

Here are the players and tunes:

A1 - Sinan Savaskan, Graham Bradshaw & Graham Tattersall - untitled
A2 - PIPE Percussion Duo (Tim Dennis & Dick Beard) - untitled
B1 - London Musicians Collective - heuristic music
B2 - London Musicians Collective - heuristic music
B3 - Stuart Boardman, Dave Draper & Michael Williams - untitled
B4 - Stuart Boardman, Dave Draper & Michael Williams - untitled

Get it here and enjoy, and do please comment as well.